Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update. Sweater discussion.

I can't believe it is September and it is now officially Autumn. It is hard to feel excited about 'fall' when it is still in the nineties every day. I made navy bean and ham soup last week. It is hard to eat leftover soup when you're sweating. I love to drink coffee when it is hot outside and don't mind sweating then, but soup, no thank you. The list of one hundred is updated, below - because I began the draft a while back, the actual post appears back a few posts. . .

I can't wait for some cooler weather so we can test out our fireplace. . .we didn't have one in the old house. I look forward to hanging stockings there at Christmas.

Autumn brings new things at the farmers market, and I didn't go today because I stayed up late watching weather coverage on the TV. Thanks for nothing, Hurricane Ike (not to trivialize what has happened to our coastal neighbors). . . Not even a dribble here. I do plan to go to the market next week, or maybe I will hit the midweek one - I want to get some squash next week and see what else might be there. I love baked acorn squash with a little bit of tamari and some brown sugar. mmmmmmmm.

I finished the back of the houndstooth sweater. I feel like my speed is improving on the houndstooth, and while it still certainly takes a while, I think I may be able to finish it barring the possibility of other simultaneous knitted projects. It is remarkably apropops that I am working on this sweater pattern right now - it is developed from a Chanel pattern, and at this very instant, I am watching 'Coco Chanel' on Lifetime. Yeah, Lifetime.

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