Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, If my knitting had been an Olympic sport, I would be the Luxembourg of this summer's games. That's right. Didn't even qualify to participate in the semi-finals. Maybe never even tried out.

The houndstooth pattern is very time consuming. I don't know that I can finish this one by Christmas even if I do focus a whole lot. . .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Knitting Olympics.

I bet you didn't know that it is very common knowledge among knitting circles that you are to begin a project when the Olympics begin. . and finish it before the events are over. If you google it, you will find a number of online references, but a really good one can be found here. . .

I will be finishing the last blanket tonight or tomorrow. I have chosen not to participate in the aforementioned events this year because I plan to remain dedicated to the houndstooth cardigan/jacket. My goal, however, is to perhaps finish knitting the back during this time! I think that will be very motivating to move along and finish the rest.

Part three!

51. I have a secret stash of quarters that will one day be a surprise vacation fund. Sometimes I add fives and such, but the coins are only quarters. I actually have a separate piggy bank for all other coinage.

52. I love Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, and Anne Murray because they all remind me of childhood road trips.

53. I do not have the knack for finding four leaf clovers that my mom possesses. For her, it is almost second nature. I have to work really hard for them.

54. I miss my maiden name. I miss having an irish identity.

55. In the shower, I always wash my hair first.

56. I know all the words to the "Barbie, and the Rockers" theme song. What are you going to do about it?

57. I have to make an effort to not be stressed out. I do well with a little anxiety, but I wish I weren't like that. There is also a fine line between a little anxiety and full blown craziness and I have been there, too, and never want to go back.

58. I have decided to have my hearing checked but I am not telling my husband until I have the results.

59. I am very routine oriented. I must drink coffee in the mornings. I must do my makeup before my hair. I must put deodorant on before I do anything else when I am fresh out of the shower. and then perfume. and then sunscreen.

60. If I could go back and change some things, I would have called my grandmother more often and I would have eaten less queso.

61. I wear a retainer at night.

62. I think that the taste of a fresh, ripe tomato out of the garden at room temperature is one of the better flavors nature gave us.

63. Last night, I ate so much chocolate, I got hiccups.

64. I get hiccups several times a year, but when I do, they come in sets. I will get them every day for three or so days in a row, but then won't have them again for six months.

65. I went to speech therapy as a child.

66. I had my appendix out in St. Louis.

67. I had my tonsils out in the summer before 7th grade.

68. To the best of my knowledge, I have no more parts that I wish to have removed.

69. A spice I love is cardamom. I don't have nearly enough uses for it.

70. I consider my lucky numbers to be 3 or 7.

71. If the digital clock says 11:11, I make a wish and look away. I don't know how much that is actually superstition or how much is just appreciating the power of a really good wish.

72. I love things with fairies. I wish so badly that fairies were real. I think that hummingbirds are pretty close to it.

73. I love the smell of real lavender and hate the artificial scent of it.

74. I don't like juice, of any kind, unless it has been watered down. with water, or vodka, or champagne. whatever.

75. I have a problem with depth perception and frequently trip, fall, or hit my head on things.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more of the one hundred things.

26. I like painted toenails, not naked ones.

27. I am still a Girl Scout.

28. My left ear is pierced three times.

29. I have a huge fear of running out of coffee filters and generally buy three packages at a time.

30. I love, love, love that Frito's brand bean dip in a can.

31. I have to take care of something at all times. People, pets, plants, just something. Got to nurture.

32. My front left tooth (to your right, I guess) has a root that is slowly disappearing. Sooner or later, probably in the next five years or so, I will need an implant. You will not see me when that happens until the hole is filled. I know my teeth aren't perfect but I am very vain about them.

33. I have a huge stash of tshirts. I sleep in them and walk the dog in them. I should get rid of them and wear more grown up things, but I find them so very comfortable. All of them are stained.

34. I always said that I couldn't take a grown blonde man seriously. Every boyfriend I ever had was some shade of brunette. Then I married Steven, the most blonde grown man everyone has ever met.

35. I wish I were two inches taller.

36. I haven't shoe shopped since 2006, with the exception of one pair of fancy shoes. This, my friends, has got to change.

37. I used to love to read, but I have fallen out of habit. I think that happened as a result of college and law school where you don't really read for entertainment. I am trying to get back into it and reduce the amount of TV that I watch. The problem there is that I can't knit and read at the same time.

38. I have knitted while driving. I have also painted my toenails while driving. I choose to not do these things anymore, unless stopped at a red light.

39. I didn't like condiments of any kind as a child. Now, I love most condiments, especially yellow mustard.

40. Although I rarely eat beef, I like my burger with mustard, pickles and american cheese. I don't like the veggies on it because they make the bun soggy. I will happily eat them on the side.

41. I have two college degrees, a BA (Spanish) and a BS (Applied Learning and Development). . . not using them very much.

42. My idea of a perfect Saturday is to wake up to the sound of rain with husband and dog and then roll over and go back to sleep. Later, we would get up and drive through with dog for 'fancy coffee' and then go out to breakfast. In an ideal world, the rain would dry up after we were really awake, and the humidity would evaporate, and we would go tailgate in seventy degree weather and then go to a night football game.

43. I loved Ronald Reagan when I was a child. I rode on a campaign parade float in the Woodlands in 1984, handing out buttons and hats. (I was on my way to ice skating lessons in my little yellow leotard with skirt and matching leg warmers, and the traffic was stopped for the parade, and they invited me to ride on the float from the sidelines.) I then began writing letters to President and Mrs. Reagan. I also made a red, white and blue potholder for Nancy Reagan one year for Christmas.

44. I started out at UT as a vocal performance major, in the opera program.

45. I love to polish my copper pots, especially before parties. I hate that my kitchen isn't set up for a pot rack in our new house. (But I love our house.)

46. I love pizza. LOVE PIZZA. it is my favorite food.

47. I really miss the true four seasons that we had in Illinois. Even with the blistering cold, I miss the real winters and real autumns...

48. I have a little bit of social anxiety, but haven't been able to determine why it is selective. I have noticed that I am very at ease with some groups of friends, even if I have only met one or two, yet there are other groups where I may have met everyone, but have anxiety when I am around them. I wish I could get over it.

49. I love to ice skate. I grew up skating on a frozen lake just by my high school.

50. I like Christmas decorations, and I like going to church, but I don't love Christmas itself. Sorry to end this one like such a scrooge!!!!