Thursday, August 7, 2008

Part three!

51. I have a secret stash of quarters that will one day be a surprise vacation fund. Sometimes I add fives and such, but the coins are only quarters. I actually have a separate piggy bank for all other coinage.

52. I love Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, and Anne Murray because they all remind me of childhood road trips.

53. I do not have the knack for finding four leaf clovers that my mom possesses. For her, it is almost second nature. I have to work really hard for them.

54. I miss my maiden name. I miss having an irish identity.

55. In the shower, I always wash my hair first.

56. I know all the words to the "Barbie, and the Rockers" theme song. What are you going to do about it?

57. I have to make an effort to not be stressed out. I do well with a little anxiety, but I wish I weren't like that. There is also a fine line between a little anxiety and full blown craziness and I have been there, too, and never want to go back.

58. I have decided to have my hearing checked but I am not telling my husband until I have the results.

59. I am very routine oriented. I must drink coffee in the mornings. I must do my makeup before my hair. I must put deodorant on before I do anything else when I am fresh out of the shower. and then perfume. and then sunscreen.

60. If I could go back and change some things, I would have called my grandmother more often and I would have eaten less queso.

61. I wear a retainer at night.

62. I think that the taste of a fresh, ripe tomato out of the garden at room temperature is one of the better flavors nature gave us.

63. Last night, I ate so much chocolate, I got hiccups.

64. I get hiccups several times a year, but when I do, they come in sets. I will get them every day for three or so days in a row, but then won't have them again for six months.

65. I went to speech therapy as a child.

66. I had my appendix out in St. Louis.

67. I had my tonsils out in the summer before 7th grade.

68. To the best of my knowledge, I have no more parts that I wish to have removed.

69. A spice I love is cardamom. I don't have nearly enough uses for it.

70. I consider my lucky numbers to be 3 or 7.

71. If the digital clock says 11:11, I make a wish and look away. I don't know how much that is actually superstition or how much is just appreciating the power of a really good wish.

72. I love things with fairies. I wish so badly that fairies were real. I think that hummingbirds are pretty close to it.

73. I love the smell of real lavender and hate the artificial scent of it.

74. I don't like juice, of any kind, unless it has been watered down. with water, or vodka, or champagne. whatever.

75. I have a problem with depth perception and frequently trip, fall, or hit my head on things.

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