Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you Know?

Bleach, even in very diluted amounts, will, in fact bleach out your wood floors?

Well, now you know.

My baseboards in some areas look fantastic. Other areas are either beyond hope or weren't reached last night. The half bath looks clean again. There is now a spot on our stairs about the size of a baseball where I found stuck on mud. I used my little bleachy rag to scrub it off when I got to that spot, and now it is a light spot this morning. Boo. I guess if I am going to bleach out a spot on our floors, I am glad it is on the stairs, because that is a spot that will discolor from traffic again soon, and no one ever stands around on your stairs checking out the floors.

I did not get a cupcake last night, but I did have coconut ice cream. . . the cupcake would have been a lesser of two evils. Tonight, I am restricted to no dessert, because I have got to get back on a healthy train.

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