Wednesday, January 7, 2009

birdwatching at wal-mart

Have you ever seen the flock of wild parrots that we have here in Austin? I have heard they're in Temple, too, but I don't know if it is the same group.

I have seen them a few times, always in the winter. Once, they were in the trees at the CVS on Lake Austin Blvd. Another time, I spied them in the parking lot by Starbucks in Tarrytown.

Most recently, I was walking out of Wal-Mart in North Austin when we saw them in the grass, hanging out with the commoners (grackles). . They are apple green in color.

I tried to snap photos with my phone, but the quality is sub par. . . These photos are sort of like those 'Magic Eye' puzzles that make you look really hard to find the picture in the static.

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RBH said...

Wait, I am not sure why this post isn't at least 90 % about me.