Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy as a . .

I have been very busy over the last six months and have failed my blog. I am back and have a lot of catching up to do. I have made many things: Socks for Steven - I don't have a finished picture, but I will track down his feet and get one!

I also made a cutie baby sweater. It is a butter yellow, but again, I took this photo with my phone and it doesn't really do it justice. It was a class to learn a particular technique, and I now have the modified adult pattern for this sweater. . . which I plan to begin knitting for myself in the fall. . . . The sweater itself is super soft and I haven't yet given it away. I am saving it for someone special - maybe my own, probably someone else's, but nobody has had a little girl so it is in a drawer, now. I love it, though, because of it's color and the lace pattern - so I sometimes just take it out to stare at it!

Then I made this: Something for myself - and that doesn't happen very often! It is a scarf, made of silk and mohair yarn that I bought in a yarn store near Chicago. It is actually not quite finished, but I will model it when I am done. . . .

Then I started the summer baby gifts. A mystery animal hat for a baby boy, and a bumblebee hat (below) for a baby of unknown gender:

I have also knit matching socks for each hat but don't have photos, currently. Next up, finishing my scarf, maybe beginning a few Christmas knits. . .

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emprice said...

LOVE your creations. So beautiful.

And welcome back to the blog. I missed you!!