Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our lovely kitchen. and getting lovelier.

So, I have lost just over 11 pounds on Weight Watchers thus far. This is the time that is most difficult because I lose steam and start to think I am doing well and then kind of mess up on the eating plans. . . .so I am re-dedicating myself for the upcoming week.

Our house is starting to really look like a home. I have been making a true effort to keeping (most of) our house picked up, we have started hanging much more stuff on the walls, and I repainted the kitchen over the weekend. It looks very updated. I have an electrician coming Friday to change a number of sockets and switches from the icky 80's almond colored plastic to just plain white plastic. I also have plans to re-face the dishwasher. I got to thinking that a stainless dishwasher would look so much better in the kitchen. I did some research and learned that no one has ever heard of a "Crosley" brand dishwasher. (you?) Apparently they are made by Maytag, but I think they're the 'lower end' Maytag line. The dishwasher is fine - does an adequate job as long as we scrub the dishes before they go in the machine. . . so I am not in the market for a new one anytime soon. Sometimes you can buy a new door panel for your dishwasher. I started looking online for one and didn't have much luck. I then called a Maytag dealer/repair place in town, and asked them about my Crosley dishwasher. The gentleman on the phone told me that they 'didn't carry that manufacturer'. .. I had to educate him that Maytag makes Crosley. Clearly, this is a very popular kitchen appliance line. I provided my model number to him and he was able to look up available parts for my dishwasher. The good news is that there is a replaceable door panel - and also reversible - and one of the door panels comes in black with aluminum on the reverse. That was exciting to learn. . . until he told me that the parts for my particular machine ceased in production in late 2008. Why couldn't I decide to do this last year????

So, our dishwasher is black, currently. I plan to try to remove that door panel today to see if maybe luck is with me and the reverse is aluminum. If not, I move to plan B, which is to buy a roll of stainless sheeting and re-cover the dishwasher. I priced it out yesterday. I can buy a roll for about $55 and shipping, which isn't terrible. I will have a ton of leftover sheeting if I pursue this option, so if you would like the leftovers, let me know.

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