Sunday, October 11, 2009

It really is winter.

It is Sunday afternoon, it is fifty seven degrees and it is wet, wet, wet outside. In some parts of the world, this is summer. Here, it feels like winter!!!! Lucie is wearing her hoodie in the house. I have on jeans and a sweater. We have a fire going in our fireplace. It is lovely. I have found that our fireplace does not, in fact, put out much heat, at all, but I love it anyway. Because we cleaned out our backyard earlier in the summer, we had a ton of extra firewood. I believe we will probably have to bring in a bunch of wood to the garage to let it dry - if it really is a wet, cold winter, we are going to need some dry firewood.

All of this fantasizing about winter makes me crave soup. Again. But soup reminds me in general, of eating, and pretty much when I think about eating, I always crave a hamburger. I'm about to go spend a couple of hours at the gym to pre-burn off all of the calories I want to eat for dinner tonight. I want a burger and fries from someplace amazing. Now, how to convice Mr. Weller that this is what he wants, too?

I have lost just south of 17 pounds so far. I am starting to feel more like a girl and less like a combo sloth-hippopotamus.

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