Monday, December 14, 2009

Things I found on Monday.

OK, I am daydreaming about shopping and knitting for myself and others and found some lovely things online, waaaaayyy too close to Christmas to actually acquire them for myself, and way too close to Christmas to start and finish for others (if knitted) but I wanted to share photos.

Exhibit A: These handknit slippers are amazing! I plan to make about forty pairs in 2010 and give them to everyone I know until I burn out on them. I can't wait to knit a pair - I hear it takes no time, at all - and I'm planning on gifting a pair to a friend who is out of the country until after New Year's!

Exhibit B: Oh. My. Word. Have you seen this AMAZING knitted throw at anthropologie? It looks like a big, clean sheepie just laid down on your couch and you cuddled right up. I would luuuurrrve to own this darn thing. The photo doesn't do it justice. Hurrry! Go to the Anthro website and check it out for yourself in all of its glory. and PS: It is on sale right now. I am sad that it will never be in my home, but it wouldn't really go with our things here in Austin, Texas, anyway. We need a GIANT KNITTED SWEATER approximately one night each year.

And, since we are already discussing anthropologie, here is another item that I think is amazing: the anthro bird nest Christmas tree topper. Since we have a tree that is all silver and white, I think this would look so cool on top, but let us consider, for a moment, the SHOCKING price of this little whatzit: $389. I'm sorry. What? Is the cardboard made of recycled giant sequoias??? Is the tinsel platinum? ? ? ?Even with the price, I love it - but it is one of those things that you could probably make on your own - a variation of it, anyway. So here is a photo, to immortalize it - that way, years down the road, I can make one:

Finally: I love this stationery. I love all things french bulldog - to a ridonkulous level. I want kitchy frenchie stuff all over my home and I know I cannot do that because all of a sudden, I would turn into one of those people who wears t-shirts with glitter and a photo of my dog on the front. I get it. But I love this stationery, anyway. You can buy it at - which is a lovely place to purchase paper items. . . if you are not shopping at Hayden Avery, of course.

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We’re so excited you love the iomoi stationary! We do too! If you ever want more information, please feel free to contact me at Let me know if you have any questions!!