Friday, July 26, 2013

I wouldn't eat it

The other day, while pondering what we could eat for dinner that would fit within my plan and also feed the mister, I discovered a half pound of ground turkey in the freezer.

Now, normally, I buy turkey and ground beef simultaneously and then combine in recipes to reduce my intake of red meat. 

I should have stuck with this plan.

Instead, I made a WW recipe, Southwestern Turkey Burgers. 

Ground turkey
Baked tortilla chips crumbled into the mixture
Other ingredients that don't help

What a horrible idea. What I can say that was good about the recipe: the portion size of the patty was generous and filling. 

What I can say otherwise:  not funny, self. Not funny, at all.  No matter what, turkey is pretty dry. The recipe suggests that one add a quarter cup of salsa to the pound of turkey before forming patties to add moisture. I assure you, the moisture cooks out. Completely.

And, the burger patty by itself had absolutely no flavor. Not very satisfying for someone losing weight when every bite is being counted.

In the end, what made these salvageable was to add a quarter cup of canned, fat-free, refried black beans to the sandwich.  Give yourself a tablespoon of shredded cheese on there. Blacken a poblano pepper and add half of that. If you are feeling like you can afford it, throw a few crumbled and salty tortilla chips on there.  In salvaging the burgers, we simply masked anything else in there with this new stuff.  

Dinner saved. Whew!!!

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