Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week One

Week one of Me, Revamped complete. 

I've eaten a lot of dairy. And plant matter.  I even squeezed in fast food - and it was delicious - and didn't violate the principles of my plan.

I'd love to do some fad diet that would help me consistently lose 6-8 pounds each week, but first and foremost, I am currently the sole source of nutrition for 2.0, and she comes first. Terribly rapid weight loss would tank my supply.  I also firmly believe that, for me, gradual weight loss of no greater than an average of 1-3 pounds in a week will have lasting results and help me to change my eating habits long term.

Did I ever mention that my mom is a dietitian?  

Or that I was actually put on a statin back in 2007 because my cholesterol peaked at 360? Crazy. (The cholesterol. Not my mom.) I don't ever want to be there again.

Our scale is wonky at home. I actually have to drive to my doctor's office to weigh myself!! I've lost 4.6 pounds this week. Go, me.

Today is a designated 'clean up day', meaning, I'm not letting myself start a new project until the house is picked up. And new projects are like carrots that are constantly dangling in front of me.

There's the 1x8x8 ruler growth chart. And the coat rack the Mister FINALLY agreed to let me hang. Only five years after we moved here.  And do not get me started on how I could peruse cookbooks for hours. Dangerous.

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